Complete this form if you want to request to cancel your course

What is my cooling off period?

The cooling off period is eight business days from the point of enrolment for NZ students, 10 business days for Australian and International students, plus 14 business days for UK and Irish students.

Do I have to pay anything before my course is cancelled?

You are only required to pay the payment plan establishment fee (if you enrolled with us on a Payment Plan). The payment plan establishment fee is $50 for New Zealand and Australian students, €25 for Irish students and £25 for UK students.  

Can I cancel my course outside of the cooling off period?

As a general rule, you cannot cancel your course if you are outside of your cooling off period.

If you are still within your cooling off period and wish to cancel, complete the form below

Our student advisors and cancellation ambassadors will review your request provided sufficient detail is provided and respond within two working days letting you know whether it has been approved or declined.

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