Study Success Bundle

Get extra support tools to help you study. This bundle includes everything you need to make the most of your study experience including a stationary set, printed course notes to help you study and a hard copy of your certificate & academic transcript when you graduate. We’ll also review your CV!

Stationery Set: The Career Academy offers student a TCA Branded Stationery Set to help keep you organised and ready for anything that shows up in your course. It includes a notepad, pens, post it notes, pencil case and more!

Paper Copy Course Notes: Hard copy course notes are an invaluable study tool to let you make your own notes and highlight areas of special interest. Plus, you’ll get to hold on to your notes even after your course access has expired. There’s also some evidence that reading a hard copy may be better for learning than reading from a screen.

Hard Copy Certificate: Proudly celebrate your achievements with a hard copy of your course certificate delivered direct to your home once you finish your course.

Academic Transcript: In addition to your Certificate, you will receive a professional academic transcript that you can profile when you are applying for a new job or promotion.

CV Review: We’ll review and help you update your CV so you can make sure that you stand out from the crowd.

40% Returning Student Discount voucher: If you want to continue your studying after your first course is complete, we offer a 40% returning student discount coupon so you can keep upskilling and continue your education journey.

And much more!

New Stationery 2023
Printed Course Notes

"Clear and Easy to understand."

“I’m only at the start of the training package but I find it’s already very easy to understand.

The inclusion of a hard copy which they sent out is excellent as I much prefer it to reading it all on the screen.”

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