Teaching & Professional Development

  • Explore common disabilities you will encounter in the classroom
  • Master techniques for promoting academic, behavioural, and social skills in students with special needs
  • Feel confident in your ability to help any student who comes through your door
  • Learn to communicate with Spanish Students
  • Bridge the communication gap
  • Perfect for new or returning Spanish speakers
  • Learn practical strategies for helping children with ADHD succeed in school
  • Learn from the real experts: the children themselves
  • Explore myths and facts about ADHD and see how this condition affects motivation, activity level, attention, and memory
  • Help your students with high-functioning autism and Asperger’s Syndrome unlock their potential in the classroom
  • Discover the neurobiology behind these disorders and the way it affects students’ behaviour
  • Learn creative, easy, low-budget strategies to help your students with Autism succeed in the classroom and beyond
  • Learn how to successfully meet the diverse needs of students with learning disabilities in your classroom
  • Discover easy, practical, and creative strategies that will help your struggling students
  • Discover fun games you can incorporate, tips for modifying your classroom, and many tested methods for bringing out the best behaviour in your students
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