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We’ve partnered with Go1, the world’s largest eLearning library, to provide you with access to thousands of online courses full of rich, engaging and relevant content. Develop professionally, dive into Health & Wellbeing, Art, Finance, IT Skills, and so much more – you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for and more, for only $50/month.

Access 10,000 online courses.

Dive into limitless subjects.

Partnered with Go1.

“At Go1 we curate content from top education providers across the globe, to provide learners with access to the world’s largest eLearning library. We’re excited to extend our content even further by partnering with The Career Academy. Now their students can access up to 10,000 short courses to help them upskill and develop in their careers.” – Luke Barnes, Go1 Customer Success Manager.

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For business, or for pleasure.

Learn what you want, when you want. The Career Academy is excited to announce Unlimited Learning, our latest product on the cutting edge of online education. 

Unlimited Learning provides you access to thousands of courses in every area including Health & Wellbeing, Art, Finance, IT, and much more.

Computer & Technology Skills

Learn fundamental computer & IT skills.

AI/Machine Learning

Includes courses on Blockchain technology, the Cloud, Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms.

Software & Coding

Create websites & apps, learn Microsoft tech, Javascript, Python and more.

Hacking & Network Security

Understand ethical hacking, networks & network security.

Project Management & Leadership

Innovation, motivation & performance management skills for businesses.

Business & Communication

Learn key management & communication skills.

Maths & Entrepreneurship

Courses on mathematical skills for businesses & entrepreneurship.

Diversity, Safety & Ethics

Rich courses covering safety, ethics & diversity practices in the workplace.


Courses covering photography skills, pet & wildlife photography, and editing.

Website Design

Learn to create beautiful experiences on the web.

Design Thinking

Deep dive into the creative process of design.

Marketing & Design

Courses uniting the design world with the world of marketing.


Learn the basics of Psychology, with courses on workplace psychology.


Rich courses covering the law, justice & legal psychology.

Youth & Children

Understand childhood & youth education, support students and safeguard children.

Self-help & Personal Growth

Become a better listener, understand and improve yourself, including courses on yoga & mindfulness.

Basic Finance

Become literate in the world of finance & business.

Bookkeeping & Software

Covering Accounting & Bookkeeping, with software courses on Excel, Quickbooks & more.

Sales & Business Presenting

Upskill in sales, learn the basics of presentation.

Financial Management

Understand critical financial management skills.

Writing & Podcasts

Learn business writing & creativity, or create your own podcast.

Social Media

In-depth look at social media in business marketing.

Creative Marketing & Design

Learn web design & creative marketing for businesses.

Marketing Psychology

Understand the psychological theory behind marketing.

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$50 per/month.

Access to over 10,000 courses with a 8-day free trial. Billed monthly.

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